Hitch a Ride on a Photon!

Jan. 13, 2017, 4:30 p.m.

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to travel through space at the speed of light? This video shows you exactly that!

Get a view of what it's like to move through our solar system, getting a great view of just how vast space is moving at the fastest-possible speed starting at our sun and ending at (only) Jupiter by watching (and full-screening if possible) this!

Extra Life 2016 is this weekend!

Nov. 4, 2016, 3:09 p.m.

It's that time of year again, when the crew of the USS Artemis gets together to play video games, board games, handheld games, tabletop roleplaying games and everything else we can get our hands on for 24... wait, thanks to daylight savings time ending this weekend 25 HOURS STRAIGHT to raise money for Children's Miracle Network.

We'll start the festivities on Saturday, November 5 at 10:00am and will end Sunday, November 6 at 10:00am. All of our gaming and shenanigans will be available online and live through our Twitch stream which can be found at We'll be live for the entire event and our host Jehar from will be interacting with and engaging the audience for the whole broadcast.

So how can you help? That's simple. Simply select one of our Team Members' pages from our official Extra Life roster and make a 100% tax-deductible donation. It's that easy!

Remember that every single penny raised goes directly to Children's Miracle Network so this is the best cause that the Artemis could possibly support. Will you help by being a hero and donating?



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  • @wilw Goodnight, nerds.
  • @wilw My three stars of the game: 3. Polaris 2. Rigel 1. Proxima Centari #NYRvsLAK
  • @wilw Rangers are dominating this game, but all the Rangers fans around me are whining about everything. Is this a Rangers fan thing? #NYRvsLAK
  • @wilw The Kings have made so many turnovers in the neutral zone, there's a bakery on the red line. #NYRvsLAK
  • @wilw That was a great penalty, Andreoff. Really smart and not undisciplined at all. #NYRvsLAK
  • @wilw Brodzinski and Kempe look amazing, and their speed is the future of this team.
  • @wilw In which @AnneWheaton wants to know where the camera is on my phone when I take the picture. #NYRvsLAK
  • @wilw Rangers totally outplayed the Kings in the first period. Kings are very lucky there is no score. #NYRvsLAK
  • @wilw This is one of those weird nights at Staples Center when every person I see looks like they just stepped out of a movie.
  • @wilw Go Kings go!! #NYRvsLAK
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